Born 14.09.1974 in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, Patrick started with athletics in Drunen at the age of 12. At first he did multiple events as the
long jump, high jump and sprinting. After becoming ´National Grass Track Champion´ at
the 100 meters he decided to focus more on the sprints. His decision was backed up by a
new coach in Drunen, Eli Vermond who was important in the development of Patrick´s
mental competences. In 1991 he competes at the first Youth Olympic Days in Brussels.
Here Patrick reaches the final of the 100 meters. In 1993 he becomes national junior
champion for the first time at the 200 meters indoor. After this he also wins the outdoor
titles on both the 100 and 200 meters.


After training for a short winter with Ruud Scholte in Vught he wins his first senior medal:
Bronze at the 200 meters indoor.
After Ruud´s decision to choose for his business career, Patrick finds a new coach in Peter
Verlooy who coached at Hellas, Utrecht. Under Peter´s guidance Patrick achieves his best
results. In 1996 the cooperation results in a first Gold medal and the first International
Championship: the European Indoor Champs in Stockholm.


In 1997 Patrick graduates in Physical Education and decides to continue as a professional
athlete. The year after this results in national records at 100 and 200 meters.
In the years after many titles, national records and championships are added with as best
performances the Silver medal at the World Student Games in Mallorca 1999 at the 200
meters, a Bronze medal at the World Indoor Champs in Lisbon 2001 at the 200 meters and a
bronze medal at the World Champs in Paris 2003 at the 4×100 meters. In that year the relay
team gets rewarded the ´Sportsteam Of The Year´ title in the Netherlands.
In 2004 Patrick is present at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens running the 4×100 but
sadly drops the stick in the semi-final.


After the Olympics Patrick decides to train in the Czech Republic with Jana Jilkova to
prepare for a good finish of his career. Because of injury, in 2006 Patrick decides to finish
his career. His last race is at the Arena Games in Hilversum where he runs against 5 of
his former training partners which always made sure Patrick had to be at his best at each
training session.
The perfect competition for a last race.


Next to running, music has always been a big part of Patrick´s life. After a lot of hours
behind his dad´s turntables at a young age, this hobby got put on a hold because of his
athletics career. The first thing he bought after he stopped running was a set of new
turntables to pick up where he left off.
Whether he needs to play House, Dance Classics, 90’s or Chill Out, Patrick knows his way
around a Club, Sporting Events, Bars and Private Parties where his experience lets
him adapt easily to what the people want to hear.


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